Using WordPress for Client Friendly Project Management

Project Management in WordPress

 I’ve been using 3rd party project management (PM) tools for an age. As an employee I had the job of trailing an early contenders for our Government department.  I carried on as a self employed web “designer” moving about from BaseCamp, to Trello to Asana. More recently, I’ve started to feel they have become…

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WordPress Speed and Performance with Usage DD

Usage DD WP Plugin - site speed

Here we are looking at Usage DD. A free utility plugin from the WordPress repository that allows us to monitor the server resources used in a WordPress install.  It’s a simple and lightweight and  gives us key performance indicators wherever we happen to be in WordPress. What happens when Usage DD is activated? It simply…

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Help and Impress Clients with WP Admin Pages Pro

Admin Pages Pro

  A few years ago I made a video on customising a WordPress dashboard with page builder templates. The idea opened up some opportunities for smoother onboarding and client communication. Yet. I never really made use it.  There were limitation of what could be done in the dashboard space and problems with dynamic content like…

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My WordPress Image frustrations solved by Stencil?

A while back I made a video post on ways to save time when using WordPress images. It featured ways to automate image optimization, SEO and some sizing tips.  These things have been very handy for me, but I still had a problem explaining to clients where to go for free images, how to crop…

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Adding a Child Theme without losing your Customizer styles

 customizer Export Import

Perhaps you’ve forgotten to add a child theme, inherited a site without one or thought you might not need one until now. Maybe you want to save complex customiser setting for another project. Either way there is a great plugin from the WordPress repository called Customizer Export/Import that could save you time. When you install and…

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Timed Post Content for Events, Job Listings and Limited offers

Timed Post Content Wp

I’ve been working on two projects each with Custom Post Types where posts needed to automatically disappear based on the date. One was for events. The other for job listings.  The best solution seemed to be a plugin called Post Expirator.  In short At the time of writing  Post Expirator had not been updated…

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The Breeze Cache plugin – How I set it up and why I use it.

Breeze Cache Plugin

After three months of testing I’ve moved all our client sites to the (free from the WordPress Repository) Breeze Cache plugin from Cloudways.  Here is why and how we use it. My main reasons for the move to Breeze were: On my tests it was one of the fastest particularly with NGINX servers (also repeated this…

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Using the Custom Post Type UI plugin

Cpt Ui Plugin

A short video post on how to create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies with the Custom Post Type UI plugin. It is part of my new series on making a Product Site with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer .  Settings used for the CPT In red are the areas I will typically alter from the…

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Make your own Custom Post Type plugin with custom Taxonomy easily


This video post shows that you don’t need to a be an ace developer to build your own simple plugin. This is also part of a series I am developing on creating a Product site with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer. You might want to do this because: 1. It’s a lightweight option 2. It…

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Working Smarter with WordPress Images

Better WordPress Images

For over a decade I’ve been wasting time doing the same tedious tasks in WordPress. I decided I needed to get a grip.  Here’s 5 things I’ve started doing when working with images.  1. Automatically add Image Meta-data Habitually, I was good at adding meaningful (SEO friendly) names to my images files, but in…

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