Show a Beaver Themer header on scroll up

Beaver Themer header on upwards scrolling

Beaver Themer comes with a few preset options. You can make it transparent, have it fixed on scroll up and down, and shrink on scroll too. There isn’t is  an option to have it appear on up scroll only, but it only needs a small snippet of  JavaScript and CSS. The JavaScript I tried a…

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Monitoring websites. So many tools, yet this is what I do

Monitoring Websites

I’ve been offering low cost website hosting and maintenance for about 5 years. Without it, our business would have gone down the pan. Instead, it’s close to being a passive income that’s giving us lots of freedom. What’s great is… MainWP has given a low cost and efficient way update and manage sites on mass.…

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MainWP Client Report Personalization

I was asked if it was possible to add individual notes to clients when sending out client reports in bulk. As the MainWP community forum had just opened up, I asked there and got this useful reply from Bogdan Rapać.  Having tried this out, I thought I would add a little more context and share…

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What’s new with MainWP Client Reports

Here’s an overview of the two client reports extensions available as part of the MainWP pro package.  Both are more customizable than they may first appear and can be used together. As mentioned in my last video on MainWP  we consider client reports to be essential to our business,  but only to remind customers who…

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Advanced Custom Fields Pro Life Time Deal Is Going Soon

Apologies for mentioning this just after the festive holidays, but the ACF pro plugin lifetime deal is due to end in “early 2020”.  I’m not an affiliate. I’m just a big fan of this plugin. I was in two minds about this. I’m completely behind Elliot Condon’s decision to finally charge subcription, but equally I…

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Client Website Maintenance with MainWP

What’s MainWP MainWP a (5 star rated) WordPress plugin that let’s you turn a WordPress install into a Master Dashboard. From there you manage all your other WordPress sites more efficiently. Updates and changes can be done in bulk with a single button click. We’ve used MainWP daily since 2015  and It’s been central to…

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Digital Nomad Tips – Eat better with the locals for less

This is part of my Digital Freedoms series where I share my experience of providing client website service to fund a free living Digital nomad lifestyle.  In this one I’m talking about eating out as a nomad. Tourist to nomad I took holidays (vacations) in many places I now regularly visit as a nomad.  As…

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3 Reasons why we focus on hosting and maintenance

In my last post I said I would talk about nomadic living costs. It turns out this is a huge topic that gives me writer’s cramp and make me introspective.  Instead, I thought I would follow up with a little more context as to why we now focus on hosting and care. So with no…

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Charging for Client Website Services

Charging Website Clients

We do things differently. Instead of concentrating on getting higher paying projects, we focused on accommodating any budget and building up a recurring (almost passive) income through website hosting and maintenance. Our model has grown out of a desire to protect our free time, but has been made possible due to page builders and easy…

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Personal Freedom through providing client website services

Digital Freedoms 1

This is an introduction to a series on living a life of freedom by remotely providing client website services and digital marketing. It’s been 8 years since my wife and I quit our jobs in the UK and started living a digital nomad lifestyle. Now it feels like we have enough experience to offer some…

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