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Beaver Builder’s Mega Menu Extended


I love the Beaver Builder theme’s Mega Menu, but recently I need to adjust it to make it full-width. I also need to add HTML elements like text and images. It’s turns out (with a bit of lateral thinking) it is all possible. You have to love the Beaver Builder theme!!!

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What’s the Best Add-ons for Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder

I struggle to answer this. Add-ons are growing at such a rate I’m not convinced anyone can.  This all makes me conscious of my affiliate links.  They’re endorsements of a kind, but are they appropriate to those I try to serve? Perhaps, it’s best I share my thoughts. You can tell me if I’m wrong.…

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Customize your WordPress dashboard with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder-WP-Dashboard

Here I show you a simple, lightweight,  but hugely powerful free plugin.  It lets you spruce up the content area of your WP dashboard with your own Beaver Builder templates. It’s brilliant for clients. It was created by Clark Marshall  who is a popular contributor to the Beaver Builder community. Kudos also must go to…

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Customizing & Restricting the Beaver Builder Editor for clients

This video looks at how easy it is to hide and block various parts of the Beaver Builder editor for certain user roles. We’ll look at the hiding the Beaver Builder logo, Toolbar buttons and Module and Saved template areas. We’ll also look at how to restrict client access to Rows, Columns, Modules or even an…

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Adding a Pop-up or Lightbox form to a Beaver Builder button


Here we look at two ways to add a “two step opt-in” form to a Beaver Builder button. The first video uses a free lightweight plugin called Popup Maker. The second features the Modal module from PowerPack. One of the best of the new premium addons for Beaver Builder… that does so so much more too.…

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Flexible headers and footers with the Beaver Builder theme.

Beaver Builder

This video features a great free plugin from Jay Ovens-Henig that allows us to easily add Beaver Builder templates to the Beaver Builder theme’s header and footer areas. It also adds back the correct header and footer HTML and mark-up when the theme’s headers and footers are removed. Notes on this Video The Headers and…

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Frontend Page settings and SEO editing for Beaver Builder


This video looks at Thierry Pigot’s excellent (and free) time saving plugin for the Beaver Builder. It conveniently brings forward SEO fields and Page settings to the Beaver Builder page editor. Notes on the video: These settings are shown in the Beaver Builder editor: Page title Page permalink Page parent Page template SEO title + SEO…

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Adjusting header column widths in the Beaver Builder theme


In this video we look at how easy it is make layout adjustments to Beaver Builder theme. With only a basic understanding of how Bootstrap Grid system works we can gain an enormous amount of control. Examples from the video Here is the code from the nav-right.php that is changed in the video: Here is the…

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Adding Icons to Beaver Builder Theme Menus – Part Two.


In this video I show an alternative to Part One for adding Font Awesome social Icons to Beaver Builder menus. I also show how to do the same using images instead of font icons. NOTES FROM THE VIDEO Adding icons via CSS Here we are using the :before Pseudo-element (which I mistakenly called a Pseudo-class once here!)…

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Adding Icons to Beaver Builder Theme Menus – Part One


The Beaver Builder theme comes with the Font Awesome icon library preloaded.  This allows us to easily display icons on our menu bars and other places without a plugin.  This video shows the quickest and easiest approach that won’t cause problems for those who use screen readers.  In Part Two we’ll be looking at how to…

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