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Adding Icons to Beaver Builder Theme Menus – Part Two.


In this video I show an alternative to Part One for adding Font Awesome social Icons to Beaver Builder menus. I also show how to do the same using images instead of font icons. NOTES FROM THE VIDEO Adding icons via CSS Here we are using the :before Pseudo-element (which I mistakenly called a Pseudo-class once here!)…

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Adding Icons to Beaver Builder Theme Menus – Part One


The Beaver Builder theme comes with the Font Awesome icon library preloaded.  This allows us to easily display icons on our menu bars and other places without a plugin.  This video shows the quickest and easiest approach that won’t cause problems for those who use screen readers.  In Part Two we’ll be looking at how to…

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Choosing The Right ECommerce Solution

best ecommerce solutions

It’s time to get selling online. Consumer demand is high. Startup costs have fallen… And the options… well, there’s so many ways to get going. Here the thing – it is also really easy to royaly stuff-up when setting up eCommerce. This post is all about not letting that happen.

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