Gravity Forms version 2.5. What’s new

Notes from the Gravity Forms presentation

Main features:

  • Cleaner (Gutenburg-esque) styling to the Gravity Forms editor and revamped settings pages.
  • Drag-and-drop column control (for up to four columns).
  • Frontend user experience revamped with focus on usability. Helped by specialist Rian Rietveld and the team at Level Level.
  • New Form Markup and Styles (for easier styling).
  • Improved theme Integration.

Other additions:

  • New Settings API – making settings easier to render on any page, not just an add-on page. This is for developers who extend Gravity forms with addons.
  • Added Security Enhancements – Always top priority for Gravity Forms.
  • Conditional Logic – Pages hidden via conditional logic no longer appear in the page navigation which alleviates end-user confusion.

Nitty gritty

  • CSS Grid is being used and REMs.
  • For backward compatibility the default will be: Form Setting > Enable Legacy Markup.
  • All scripts (including inline) are deferred and loaded in the footer for performance .
  •  Accessibility warnings.

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