Website Building Posts

Posts and videos about making sites with WordPress. It heavily features my favourite tool Beaver Builder.

Gravity Forms: Easy to miss features and tips

Notes from the Gravity Forms presentation GRAVITY FORMS WEBSITE Templates: https://www.gravityforms.com/form-templates/ Video Training: https://www.gravityforms.com/video-tutorials/ Roadmap: https://www.gravityforms.com/gravity-forms-roadmap/ PERSONAL DATA Automate GDPR (for clients). Reduce database bloat. RESTRICTIONS Avoid unexpected transactional email…

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Gravity Forms -2.5

Gravity Forms version 2.5. What’s new

A video post taking a look at what is coming to Gravity Forms 2.5. The hightlights are:
Cleaner (Gutenburg-esque) styling to the form editor and revamped settings pages.
Drag-and-drop column control (for up to four columns).

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Bulk WooCommerce Database Updates

WooCommerce database updates made easier with MainWP Pro

One of my frustrations with maintaining WooCommerce sites has been updating the plugin in bulk via MainWP  (easy) only to login to one of the sites later and discover it…

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Digital Freedoms

Posts about providing client website services as a digital nomad.

Client Website Maintenance with MainWP

What’s MainWP MainWP a (5 star rated) WordPress plugin that let’s you turn a WordPress install into a Master Dashboard. From there you manage all your other WordPress sites more…

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Digital Nomad Tips – Eat better with the locals for less

This is part of my Digital Freedoms series where I share my experience of providing client website service to fund a free living Digital nomad lifestyle.  In this one I’m…

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3 Reasons why we focus on hosting and maintenance

In my last post I said I would talk about nomadic living costs. It turns out this is a huge topic that gives me writer’s cramp and make me introspective. …

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Digital Marketing Posts

These posts go beyond making websites and on to the more pressing topic of how to get people to care about you online.


5 ways to lose business with your website.

After a decade of building websites there’s one thing I’m sure about…  small businesses don’t get the internet. It’s a sweeping generalisation I know, but go with it. I’m not trying…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing made ever so simple

Digital Marketing is not just for those with deep pockets. Quite the opposite. It’s about being an effective business in a digital age. Few can afford to ignore it, but most,…

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Get Facebook Likes

How To Get Your Facebook Page Liked

My Facebook experience is limited (understatement!). I had a part-time business that found customers from Facebook, but nothing trailblazing. Yet, in my job of helping businesses get online, I end up giving advice.…

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