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Website Building Posts

Posts and videos about making sites with WordPress. It heavily features my favourite tool Beaver Builder.

Plugin Logic WordPress

Plugin Logic – A simple, but forgotten performance plugin

  Recently I made a video post on Plugin Load Filter and in it I mentioned Plugin Logic.  It was suggested to me, but I did not try it as it…

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Using Plugin Load Filter – a performance plugin

In this video post I’m talking about Plugin Load Filter which is a free plugin from the WordPress repository. It allows you to deactivate unnecessary plugins on individual pages and…

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How I use WordPress Demo Builder by MotoPress

  People have asked me what I use to build my Beaver Builder live demo sites and I’ve avoided doing a video because I was unsure of my set up.…

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Digital Freedoms

Posts about providing client website services as a digital nomad.

3 Reasons why we focus on hosting and maintenance

In my last post I said I would talk about nomadic living costs. It turns out this is huge topic that gives me writter cramp and make me introspective.  Instead…

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Charging Website Clients

Charging for Client Website Services

We do things differently. Instead of concentrating on getting higher paying projects, we focused on accommodating any budget and building up a recurring (almost passive) income through website hosting and…

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Digital Freedoms 1

Personal Freedom through providing client website services

This is an introduction to a series on living a life of freedom by remotely providing client website services and digital marketing. It’s been 8 years since my wife and…

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Digital Marketing Posts

These posts go beyond making websites and on to the more pressing topic of how to get people to care about you online.


5 ways to lose business with your website.

After a decade of building websites there’s one thing I’m sure about…  small businesses don’t get the internet. It’s a sweeping generalisation I know, but go with it. I’m not trying…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing made ever so simple

Digital Marketing is not just for those with deep pockets. Quite the opposite. It’s about being an effective business in a digital age. Few can afford to ignore it, but most,…

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Get Facebook Likes

How To Get Your Facebook Page Liked

My Facebook experience is limited (understatement!). I had a part-time business that found customers from Facebook, but nothing trailblazing. Yet, in my job of helping businesses get online, I end up giving advice.…

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