Migrate Or Clone A WordPress Site To Any Host With Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru

Notes From This Presentation Why Migrate Guru? One-click migration. It will clone 1 gigabyte sites in under 30 minutes. Key Features For Me: There’s no overload on their site. Everything is transferred and migrated through their server so it can’t crash at you site. It’s built for large sites, also it will move and clone…

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Easy WordPress traffic statistics for free


This video compares the free version of Analytify (…) with:

MonsterInsights (Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress)
ExactMetrics (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP)
Google’s Site Kit and others

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How to Kill Gravity Form Email Spam – Zero Spam

Anti Spam

This looks at a range of options for getting rid of email spam. As there is not one solution to spam each l have their merits. But when we have a problem we use the lightweight and free Gravity Forms Zero Spam plugin. It”s worked as advertised on scores of sites for many years.

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Gravity Forms: Easy to miss features and tips

Gravity Forms Tips

Here’s a few Gravity Forms features I wish I’d used earlier. Included: Gravity Forms conditional notifications, thwarting email spammers and reducing database bloat.

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Should I use PX, EM or REMs? Page Builder Edition


Should I use PX, EM or REMs? (page builder edition) Why BB V 2.2 added Em, Rem, & Viewport-based units and I’ve not covered this for 2 years. The Page builder documentation can not really advise on what to use. Page Builders help no-coders ( DIYers and client) who could be confused by the options. I’ve…

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Gravity Forms version 2.5. What’s new

Gravity Forms -2.5

A video post taking a look at what is coming to Gravity Forms 2.5. The hightlights are:
Cleaner (Gutenburg-esque) styling to the form editor and revamped settings pages.
Drag-and-drop column control (for up to four columns).

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WooCommerce database updates made easier with MainWP Pro

Bulk WooCommerce Database Updates

One of my frustrations with maintaining WooCommerce sites has been updating the plugin in bulk via MainWP  (easy) only to login to one of the sites later and discover it is waiting on a database update. What it did not realize for the last 5 years is that as a MainWP Pro user I could…

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How to remove the WordPress Site Health Check widget

Remove WordPress Site Health Check Widget

In WordPress Version 5.4 the Health Check widget was added to the Dashboard by default.  For many of us who support clients with administrator roles this could be an annoyance, but here are a few ways to remove it. 1. Manually add a code snippet Add this to your child theme’s functions.php file // Removes…

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WordPress Productivity with Assistant

Assistant By Beaver Builder

Assistant is a pre-release plugin (available on the WordPress repository and on Github) and by the Beaver Builder team, In their own words: Assistant is a new way to work with WordPress. It’s an every-day productivity tool that lets you navigate your WordPress site and handle quick tasks without needing to go to the WordPress…

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What’s coming to Beaver Builder V.24?

Beaver Builder 2.4 Alpha

This video takes an early look at what is presently due to come out in Beaver Builder version 2.4. A couple of things are worth saying first: 1. Most plugin authors don’t publicly release Alpha versions so we can’t expect things to work perfectly or be the final version. More things may come. Beaver Builder…

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