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Notes from this presentation

Why Analytify?

MonsterInsights (Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress)
Created by Yoast and bought by Syed Balkhi (WP Beginners/Awesome Motive) Very popular with 2+ million installs. Freemium.

ExactMetrics (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP)
Popular (1+ million installs) and once highly rated Now 2.5 star rating after being bought by Syed Balkhi (WP Beginner/AweSome Motive) and features were removed and put in the pro version. Freemium.

Google’s Site Kit
Newer, but had a security issue. Limited but best if you need PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, Tag manager & Search Console. Completely free.

Others: Google Analytics By ShareThis, 10WebAnalytics and JetPack Stats

Why Analytify?

Reliable for us since October 2018.
Free weekly email reports (added 2020).
Less promotion of the paid plans & clients preferred low level branding.
Less cost if upgrade are needed (arguable).
Entrance/exit count.
More info popular pages and other extras in the free version.

  • Track User ID
  • Scroll Depth
  • Demographic & Interest Tracking
  • Page Not Found (404)
  • JavaScript Errors
  • AJAX Errors
  • Setup Cross-domain Tracking

Why not Analytify?

Main site dashboard statistics only available to admins (post/pages only for editors).It does not have post SEO features of Monster Insights/Exact Metrics (but not wanted).
It does not have the popular post addon.
Less updates (arguable both ways).
My knowledge! I’ve used the pro-ecommerce plugin, but not tried many of advanced features to be 100% confident.
Small company (wpbrigade) that sold lifetime deals, but longstanding (since 2007).


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