Migrate Or Clone A WordPress Site To Any Host With Migrate Guru

Notes from this presentation

Why Migrate Guru?

One-click migration. It will clone 1 gigabyte sites in under 30 minutes.

Key features for me:

  • There’s no overload on their site. Everything is transferred and migrated through their server so it can’t crash at you site.
  • It’s built for large sites, also it will move and clone sites as large as 200 gigabytes.
  • There’s no need for any extra add-ons it will take care of your serialized data.
  • There’s no storage space required because it’s sucking everything up to their server and then spitting them out to yours at the very end.
  • It doesn’t keep a backup and it erases the copy that they’ve kept.
  • It will work on every web host.
  • It’s fully automatic and its got built-in search and replace and it will change all your urls.

The few things that Migrate Guru can’t do:

  • If you’re working with localhost you’re building on your own computer then you can’t migrate sites from there.
  • Although you can migrate large multi-site networks you can not do sub sites in that network.
  • Migrate Guru has a limit of five site migrations per user per month. You can request extension and I’m probably sure that the user relates to email address you give them. So if you need a sixth move in a month you could probably just use another email address.

I’ve give you all the pros and cons. Watch my video if you would like see an example of how I clone a copy of my site onto a sub domain on another server and then migrate it again after doing some work on it.


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