MainWP Client Report Personalization

I was asked if it was possible to add individual notes to clients when sending out client reports in bulk. As the MainWP community forum had just opened up, I asked there and got this useful reply from Bogdan Rapać.  Having tried this out, I thought I would add a little more context and share my thought on its use.
Also, I want to mention the mention the community forum too, as these are always difficult to get started but can be useful.

Create a MainWP Custom Token

This is very easy to do. Just click on the “new token” button and add a name and description.

Here I have also deleted the unused tokens that MainWP gives us by default. For me, these are the one relating to the client’s physical address. The removes them from here and also the edit section where we manage clients individual sites.

MainWP Custom Token

Here you can see here the new custom field has been added and the one I deleted have gone.

MainWP Custom Token Pro Reports

What you can add to a MainWP Custom Token

I experimented a little and found I could add HTML

If using Pro Reports that HTML will be styled by the temple and the brand colours you set.

Without creating a custom template, you can add the token to the “custom content” sections. There is a introduction and closing section for the pdf report. Also, a place in the email sent.

MainWP Report Custom Content

Why we might want this?

I’d be interested in the thoughts of other on this but I have a couple uses for this:

  • Adding custom links to other reports. In my case I started using Virusdie which allows clients to have access to individual security reports.
  • Adding custom jobs done for a particular client
  • The promotion of services relevant to the client type.


  1. You can use a WordPress post in the MainWP  dashboard to create the HTML which is handy is you want to add an image via the media library.Using an iframe did not work for me. The image also was broken when adding to the email, but not the pdf report.  The image was not broken in regular email based Client reports only with Pro Reports present in beta.
  2.   Navigation to individual sites to edit one field is irksome, but you could speed that up by changing the id value in the url and refreshing browser (ie. wp-admin/admin.php?page=managesites&id=3).

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