What’s coming to Beaver Builder V.24?

This video takes an early look at what is presently due to come out in Beaver Builder version 2.4. A couple of things are worth saying first:

1. Most plugin authors don’t publicly release Alpha versions so we can’t expect things to work perfectly or be the final version. More things may come. Beaver Builder have a reputation for long testing. listening to users and reliability. This post is really to encourage more to offer feedback

2. I am told the plan is to speed up major releases. Typically we have been been seeing major releases yearly where this could move up to every quarter.

3. For those  who fear plugin bloat, since version 2.3 we are able to entirely disable any new modules here that are not needed.

New features

  • NEW: List Module.
  • NEW: Search Module.
  • NEW: Login Module.
  • NEW: Button Group Module.
  • NEW: Integration with Assistant.
  • Video Module: Add new options to show video in a Lightbox, hide player settings, and sticky positioning.
  • Row Backgrounds: Now you can use embed codes. Use html to embed videos from other sources or show sliders from other plugins using shortcodes.
  • Subscribe Module: Added GroundHogg integration. GroundHogg WP Plugin required to use.
  • When using layout shortcodes, move the css needed to the head instead of the body to avoid validation errors.
  • Update editor used for code editing.


Demo page
Smart Slider 3
Code Setting Plugin (to add CSS and JS to BB modules, columns and rows)

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