WordPress Productivity with Assistant

Assistant is a pre-release plugin (available on the WordPress repository and on Github) and by the Beaver Builder team, In their own words:

Assistant is a new way to work with WordPress. It’s an every-day productivity tool that lets you navigate your WordPress site and handle quick tasks without needing to go to the WordPress Admin area.

I have been watching this since it came in first place in the Orange County WordCamp Plugin-a-Palooza Competition in 2019, but it is only over this last month that I have been using it fully.  I like it – a lot.

It’s far from the first plugin I have adopted to male navigating WordPress less of a chore and much is likely to change with this one, but I feel this might be what I have been looking for.

Presently ( due to it’s pre-release status along with much actively on Github)  it is not something I’m introducing to clients just yet, but I believe by the end of the year version one will be in the wild.

Immediate Benefits

  • More efficient navigation that feels more responsive due to the user interface and Ajax loading.
  • Ability to duplicate post, custom post types and pages without another plugin
  • Flexible labeling: ie. I could arrange my media library (removing another plugin) or label pages for collaborators.
  • It really the drudgery out of working with many CPTs (ie. WooCommerce site with memberships, events and course)
  • Beaver Builder users will find extra navigational help.


No one quite knows where this project is going More is planned for it than we are seeing and based on a few comments much is open.



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