Easy WordPress traffic statistics for free

This video compares the free version of Analytify (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-anal…) with:

MonsterInsights (Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress)
ExactMetrics (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP)
Google’s Site Kit and others

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5 ways to lose business with your website.


After a decade of building websites there’s one thing I’m sure about…  small businesses don’t get the internet. It’s a sweeping generalisation I know, but go with it. I’m not trying to provoke, I would only like to see small businesses (my clients and friends) getting a better return. 1. Build the Website Yourself  As a…

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Digital Marketing made ever so simple

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not just for those with deep pockets. Quite the opposite. It’s about being an effective business in a digital age. Few can afford to ignore it, but most, including me, struggle with it.  The problem, I think, is that Digital Marketing is often not explained in simple and relevant terms. That’s what I…

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How To Get Your Facebook Page Liked

Get Facebook Likes

My Facebook experience is limited (understatement!). I had a part-time business that found customers from Facebook, but nothing trailblazing. Yet, in my job of helping businesses get online, I end up giving advice.  Mostly, I’ve sent folks to the work of Facebook gurus, but maybe something much simpler was needed. After all most of us who grew up on traditional marketing…

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Website Personas – What Celebrity are you?

If you own a website the chances are you want many visitors to come and care about what you do. You will know the type of person you want to attract and what you’ll like them to do. You will have created some form of branding.. a logo, color scheme and maybe even a slogan. …

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Why we should care about Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is simply the creating and sharing media or content to attract or keep customers.  If you’re on a social network or have a blog –   you’re already doing content marketing. The concept is not new. Long before the internet, companies were giving away free resources such as recipe books to win favour with potential…

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What is Keyword Research?


Keyword Research is discovering what terms and phrases (keywords) people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. It is a part of Search Engine Optimization and it’s aim is to achieve a better ranking in search engines like Google. How does it work? To understand Keyword  Research we must first understand The Long Tail.…

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What is Web Copy?


The basics of web copy The first thing to know is that Copy is different from content writing.  Content is the valuable information that consumers need. It’s essential for Content Marketing.  Copy is designed specifically to persuade consumers to take a desired action.   The two work together, but require different skills. The second thing is that…

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